sábado, 2 de julho de 2011

Gata adopta cachorrinho

Bambi, a Chihuahua Shih Tzu mix, lost his mom during his birth in early October. Unable to keep up with the bottle feeding, Bambi’s owner surrendered him to The Cleveland Animal Protective League.

But Bambi was still in trouble. The shelter staff was not ready to feed a puppy every two to three hours.

Mrs. Rabbit, a stray cat who has been dropped off with her kittens days earlier, is not staff. But she decided to help Bambi anyway, taking him in as one of the family. What a wonderful cat!

Take a look at Bambi hanging out with his kitten siblings, Thumper and Friend Owl — all names taken from the movie “Bambi.”

When the babies are old enough, they will be spayed and neutered and available for adoption. Bambi already has a list of people ready to adopt him, while Mrs. Rabbit and her kittens are still looking for a new home.

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  1. Que gatinha prateada e maravilhosa ! Se parece com as nossas Rutha e Moody ! Os gatos são extremamente exigentes e ao mesmo tempo tão carinhosos ! Que belo exemplo !

  2. Lindo, mais um post que nos deixa sem palavras. Se eles são tão amigos porque nós, todos humanos, supostamente irmãos, não somos?


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