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Foster Kitten Adopts Tiny Rescue Chihuahua

cute ginger rescue kitten cuddles chihuahua puppy
Cheech the kitten and Casanova the chihuahua, best friends
cute foster ginger kitten cuddles chihuahua puppy
A little ginger kitten named Cheech used up a couple of his nine lives before he was saved by Amanda and brought to his foster home back in 2009. He was much smaller than his age, but the little guy was getting stronger every day. Then one day, he was introduced to a teeny tiny five day old chihuahua puppy named Casanova who was an orphan. From that point on, something remarkable happened between the two.
Cheech took to the little puppy immediately as if they were meant to be together. He took him in his arms and groomed and cleaned him. The puppy responded to his every touch, snuggling up to his new friend like a pup to his mother. When Cheech was tired, he would climb into the puppy’s box and cuddle with Casanova, sharing his heating blanket. To Cheech, he was “his” puppy and best friend.
Thanks Kimberly for letting us put the story together for Cheech and Casanova. Photos ©Kimberly Jennery. (More Kimberly’s foster stories here).
cute foster ginger kitten cuddles chihuahua puppy rescue
cute foster ginger kitten cuddles chihuahua puppy rescue
cute foster ginger kitten cuddles chihuahua puppy rescue

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  1. Nossa gente, que meigo esses dois irmãozinhos, um love só. Adorei.


  2. Muitas vezes se o ser humano fosse como os animais ,haveria mais amor ,muitas vezes nos dao liçoes que nos deixam a pensar como havemos de tratar o nosso semelhante .Se ve muita ternura entre os dois ,lindo bjs

  3. Lindo! Basta ver as imagens para ver a ternura que existe entre eles.


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